Mistakes when traveling to another country
November 3, 2016


One of the worst thing people can do before traveling to another country and having prejudices and bad ideas about the place they want to visit. If you ask for opinions, I strongly understand that not all people will tell you god things about a specific country and it is up to you to decide in which opinions you will believe, but, on the other hand, having prejudices about something you have not met yet it is not a good thing to do.

When people do full Morocco Tours they tend to have this attitude because of all things people tend to say about Morocco and its people. They say this an insecure country, women are not allowed to travel and their culture is not good. Actually, these are all lies but people who do not live the Moroccan experience are not able to know that. So, when you come to this country with previous ideas on your mind it is not a good thing to do. This keeps you away to live the Moroccan culture and know excellent people that live in this country. Whenever you are visiting this country, open your mind and erase any negative thought that could push you away of having the best experience of your life.

There is another mistake that is directly related to having prejudices. Something worse than having prejudices is having unreal expectations. We believe that everything will be exactly as we have in our heads and as we see on television but it is not. People from this country are special, they have a different culture that many other countries in the world and we need to be aware of that. So, as I told you, be open minded and be ready to live a new experience.

Another famous mistake –it not only happens with girls but with boys also- is over packing. This is packing everything that is in your house and taking in into another country. Things get worse when you are going to be traveling for more than one year, I could never imagine how many bags you would carry on to your new home. So, if you are doing Morocco Tours do not make an effort of taking everything in your bags, remember you just need the necessary things. Here you can shop and maybe find some stuff you will love to bring to your country. If you have a bag full of things you will not have the opportunity to buy new things and I am sure you will do this when you come to Morocco.


When you are a tourist people will notice it when they look at your face. This is common when you ask for a direction, they already know you are a tourist. Even though, Moroccan are kind and they are always ready to help you it is a mistake to trust in the first person you ask for a direction. So, whenever you need a direction ask to more than one person.  You need to be sure where are you going and you will avoid getting lost in the city and wasting your time. Although if you are in a Morocco Tour you will commonly have your tour guide so there is no reason why being afraid, he must know the directions pretty well.

Following advice is a great thing to do but when traveling there is more than that. Try to use different resources, do not only trust in the guidebook. Try to talk with your friends, Moroccan, tour guide, they will tell you the best places.

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